A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…


It has been twenty years since the BATTLE OF ENDOR, and there the Rebel Alliance lost. With a great shunt of dark power, the GOD-EMPEROR sacrificed himself to cleave the Rebel fleet asunder with the Death Star II and ended all hope of restoring the Republic usurped by the Empire.

In the decades since, the Imperial creed has come to worship their dark despot via his apprentice, DARTH VADER. Under his rule, the Empire has regressed into stagnation, valuing stability over progress and allowing aliens to be exploited as tools no different than a wrench or hammer.

But even in this mind-numbing state there are those whom exist outside the realm of Imperial influence. These free-thinking heroes roam the galaxy with great purpose, be it independence, reform or crusade, and the key to overthrowing the iron grip of of the dark Empire lies in places best left forgotten…

Forgotten Rebellions