Ship Components

Carrier Fighter

Hangar-space is at a premium for any dedicated carrier vessel. Some fighters are specifically designed so its profile is specifically designed to slot or fold up into a contained space, allowing more ships to be stored. Fighters with this mod are considered one size smaller when contained in a hangar. Cost: One Emplacement Point. Availability: Restricted. Requirements: Gargantuan vehicle.

X-wings are, so far, the only notable fighter to have this design component. Y-wings and B-wings do not, and TIE Fighters and A-wings do not by virtue of their already compact size.

Combat Simulator

Sometimes, a mission needs to be rehearsed before execution. Combat simulators allow naval and marine assets to accurately simulate a number of ship-board and artificial conditions for combat, provided that the intelligence used to build the simulations is accurate.

There are two versions of combat simulation: Basic and Contextual.

Basic combat simulation provides commonly encountered combat situations, such as space combat, marine deployment, or even a simple trip to the firing range or sparing range, but better than normal. After simulating such encounters for one day, one may gain a +1 circumstance bonus to a single future attack roll, or a +2 circumstance bonus to a single Knowledge (tactics) roll (one or the other).

Contextual combat simulation depends on actively gathered intelligence to provide an even more accurate representation of a given threat. Before any simulations can take place, the provided intelligence must be accurate; a Gather Information check to learn secret information appropriate to the encounter is required. Then, a full week of daily simulation is required to garner the benefits: a +2 circumstance bonus to a single attack roll, or a +5 circumstance bonus to a single Knowledge (tactics) roll (one or the other). An attack roll or Knowledge (tactics) roll (whichever is intended to benefit) is required to gain this bonus, relative to the difficulty of the presented encounter.

Cost: 1 Emplacement Point for only the basic capability; 2 Emplacement Points for both basic and contextual capacities. Availability: Military; Restriction: Colossal-size or larger.

Concealed Weapons

Some ships, called Q-ships, are modified to conceal their true abilities. There are two methods of concealment, one with a jettisoning cover, the other with retractable components.

The simpler of the two, a sensor-baffling cover can be bolted over the weapon, and then blown off with charges to expose the surprise. This version may be used to cover entire weapon batteries, and the size of the cover depends on the size of the battery. The weapons may be fired the same round the covers are jettisoned. Afterwards, the covers must be recovered, or replacements manufactured.

Total Battery EP Cover EP
≤10 3
11-20 6
21-30 9
≥40 12

The second, more complicated version involves a complicated set of bulky lifts and bracing meant to extend and retract the weapons out of and back into cover without loss of performance. The concealed weapons may be deployed or retracted as a full-round action. Much larger than the coverings, each individual weapon costs modified 50% more emplacement points than its total cost, rounded up.

In either case, the ship has a +5 bonus to Deception to feint for his first attack directly after the weapons are revealed.

Availability: Illegal

Meditation Chamber

The ship has a harmonically resonant chamber which helps those connected to the Force further link with their connection. Any Force power or ability used while in the meditation chamber while in a meditative trance grants a +2 equipment bonus to Use the Force checks.

Cost: 1 Emplacement Point. Availability: Common, Rare. Restriction: Colossal-size or larger.


The ship has a vast store of knowledge beyond the basics, and negating the need for an immediate uplink to the holonet for direct search. When installed, the library is specific to a single area of knowledge, and allows for research and experimentation depending on the level of sophistication of the library.

There are two levels to this component. The first is the library, which contains a basic collection of knowledge. Anyone using the library has a +2 equipment bonus to the Knowledge skill contextual to the library. One not trained in the knowledge skill may check for expert knowledge as if trained, but if he is, he gains a reroll to search for expert knowledge contextual to the Knowledge roll.

The second level is the laboratory. In addition to having a fully stocked library, the lab allows one trained in the field of knowledge to actively research and develop a given theory, and then apply them in the field. The benefits of the library apply, though the bonus is now a +5 equipment bonus to the Knowledge skill. Also, time spent researching and developing a theory in R&D will grant a future bonus to another skill. A day in R&D will provide a +2 bonus to one roll on a relevant skill contextual to the research, while a week in R&D provides a +5 bonus to one roll on a relevant skill contextual to the research. A roll with the contextual Knowledge skill is required to achieve this bonus, relative to the difficulty of the experiment in question.

Other benefits via Lab R&D may also apply, such as +1 or +2 bonus dice to damage on one future weapon roll, a +1 or +2 bonus to a Defense score, or assisting toward a strictly scientifically- or socially-based plot objective, all after one day or one week of R&D respectively, for example, but the GM is the final arbiter on what mechanical benefits may apply. To gain the augmented equipment bonuses, the R&D period must be executed.

Cost: Library: 1 Emplacement Point. Lab: 2 Emplacement Points. Availability: Library: Common. Lab: Licensed. Restriction: Colossal-size or larger

Possible Lab Interpretations
Knowledge (bureaucracy): Debate hall, court room.
Knowledge (galactic lore): Astro-cartography, media analysis center.
Knowledge (life sciences): Biology laboratory, zoo.
Knowledge (physical sciences): Atomic colliders, sensor analysis lab.
Knowledge (social sciences): Theater, reception hall.
Knowledge (tactics): Campaign war room.
Knowledge (technology): Experimental workshop.

Ship Components

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